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about drag queen bingo


“Drag Queen Bingo is a space for people to be themselves, as well as promoting diversity in an electric atmosphere. Our event adds more laughter, art, glamour and beauty to the Gold Coast.”

Founder, Melissa Gonzalez


Celebrating Diversity. Supporting Our Community. Providing A Safe Space for Creative Expression.

Drag Queen Bingo is an exhilarating Event performed at various establishments across South East Queensland. The Event is non-profit, and community minded, raising awareness and financial support for Australian Organisations or Individuals in need. Public involvement is encouraged with the selection of our Charities and Organisations being nominated by our local people. We have been part of a multitude of initiatives which include Disaster Relief Funds (Australian Bushfire Relief), Buy A Bale Campaigns for our rural Farmers as well as local initiatives to support our School Projects.

The Event not only operates to entertain and raise awareness for Charity, but we use our platform to educate and to address important social issues. Incredible Speakers have joined the Bingo line-up to inform our community on important topics such as Aged Care and Sexual Health.

The Drag Queen Bingo stage has been the platform for so many talented young Australians in the Performing Arts to showcase their unique abilities. We host a variety of performers including our regular Drag Queens Natasha St. James and Miss Violet Velvet, as well as circus, dance and acrobatic entertainers. Drag Queen Bingo is one of the only regular Drag and Circus collaborations creating a community where artists can express themselves and be appreciated by the public.  

Drag Queen Bingo is committed to providing a safe space for the Gold Coast.


Once upon a time

In 2017 the Australian public had the opportunity to vote for Marriage Equality. It was during this time that Melissa, the Founder of Drag Queen Bingo began a campaign to raise financial support and awareness for the “YES” Campaign.  

The story of Drag Queen Bingo was unexpected, but the journey has seen this Event become an institution on the Gold Coast.

Identifying a notably large gap in the Gold Coast Market for a place for acceptance, diversity and artist expression, Founder Melissa, developed an event that would break down cultural barriers, entertain and bring light and laughter to the Gold Coast in a way the community hadn’t seen on that scale before.

The Event was successful and due to popular demand became a monthly occurrence at Gold Coast social hub, Miami Marketta.

Today, Drag Queen Bingo is a large-scale monthly event conducted across various establishments on the Gold Coast. We have had to opportunity to raise awareness for significant initiatives and unite our community through fun, freedom and entertainment.


about the event

“An intoxicating mix of in-your-face camp that your grandparents would love”

Drag Queen Bingo is fronted by leading artists, creatives and exceptionally talented individuals who work hard to develop astonishing, unique performances month in, month out. The evening is hosted by leading Australian Drag Queen, Natasha St. James. Natasha St. James (or Bad Gal Tashy as she is known to her fans) captivates her audience with an end to end wonderful experience.

Combining mesmerising performances, dazzling costume changes, humour and of course, BINGO, the month event is not to be missed. For two hours, you’re invited into the eccentric, electrifying world of Drag. Be prepared for a wild night of cheek, great moves, great tunes and plenty of skin. Once you get a taste, we guarantee you’ll be back for more.

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